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The Town of Gordo is situated astride U. S. Highway 82 in West Alabama just 25 miles from the Mississippi border. The first settlers to the Gordo area arrived in the 1830’s. The community grew around an area that was called Crossroads, which was at the intersection of the Columbus-Tuscaloosa and Vienna-Fayette stagecoach roads, which today is located one mile northeast of Highway 82. During the late 1840’s the name Gordo is believed to have come from returning veterans of the famous battle of Cerro-Gordo that occurred during the Mexican War of 1846-1848. The community relocated to the area around the new Mobile and Ohio Railroad in 1898. The town incorporated in 1900-01 and the first Mayor was John J. Windham. In 1910, Gordo was the largest town in Pickens County with a population of 707.
Gordo is protected by a public safety department that includes a police department with 4 full time and 2 part time officers and a volunteer fire department with a 30 man roster and the equipment to respond to medical, rescue, and fire incidents. Gordo provides weekly garbage pickup and a professional street department staff. Gordo has its own water and sewer treatment facilities and is able to supply its citizens with natural gas.
Gordo has a library that is stocked with thousands of volumes, computers with internet access and a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Gordo is blessed with two schools, Gordo Elementary and Gordo High that are the focal point of our community. They don’t just offer extracurricular activities such as athletics (4 state football championships and 3 state baseball championships), music (the marching band has received numerous awards) but are grounded in academics. Gordo also has several pre-schools which include the First Methodist Church, and Creative Kids Academy.
Gordo is a diverse community concerning faith based pursuits and provides many churches to choose from when looking for a place to worship.
The area’s economy is tied to agriculture with the multitude of chicken and cattle producers, along with Peco Farms being the largest industry in the area. There are several retail businesses within Gordo that help boost the area’s economy, such as Piggly Wiggly, Dollar General, CVS Pharmacy, Petals Florists and Gifts, and J’s Outlet. Gordo is also blessed with several venues for great dining, such as, Cheeky’s, Billy’s Bar-B-Que, Cattle on the Flame,  Gilliam’s, Krispy Krunchy Chicken and Subway.
Gordo is also home to a fast growing community of artist and is becoming a destination for groups that want to enjoy this art in our three art studios, Studio 121, Studio 150 and Studio 134.